Why should you learn language from a native speaker?

So, you’ve decided to learn a new language and already know the upcoming benefits from it: discovery of new opportunities, boost of your brain and connection to more people. Awesome! Now it’s the time to find an appropriate teacher. The biggest question for you right now is: should I go for native speaker or not? We believe there are tons of great teachers who studied English or any other language as their second, and sometimes they can explain some topics even better than the native speaker. However, we are convinced, that going for a person who was raised in needed language speaking environment and has been communicating with the people in this language for the whole life would be a better choice for most of us. Here are our 3 main reason why you should go for a native speaker after all. 

Learn the pronunciation

If you want to learn some endangered language, you find the native speaker of that language, listen to him and analyze what he or she talks and try to reproduce his accent into your language. The same goes for other languages: you find your native speaker at nativespeaker.com.pl, listen to him/her, talk and voila, you speak the language, simple as that! 

Learn a bunch of new vocabulary

There aren’t any textbooks or classes that will keep you up to date with the newest slang words, colloquialisms and phrasal verbs so you’ll not feel embarrassed in front of your new friends. The best way to master second language is to simply live it, whether it’s being in another country or talking to a person from that country. 

You will better understand culture and customs

Wise man said that language is a verbal expression of culture. So besides just learning a language, you’ll deep dive into another person’s world, their traditions and custom that will not only enhance your understanding of the language, but also will give you another perspective on how people live their lives, do everyday things and behave in society.

Still not convinced whether you should go for native speaker or not? Check out our native speakers(https://nativespeaker.com.pl/profiles/search) and other articles in our blog, and decide yourself!

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