The history of

2006 – registration of the domain

Although it’s unclear who did register the domain first, this was the first time the Internet has heard of it.

2010 – Facebook fanpage is born

The original founder of the website has probably bought the domain and created a Facebook fanpage, still available at the same address. We’ve even managed to find some screenshots: screenshot prior to 2017

2017 – the website is rebuilt

The website, originally running on Drupal technology, was experiencing software erosion and the decision has been made to drastically simplify and rebuild it. The website would also gain a new look: after being rebuilt in 2017

The new design was intended to be a temporary one, but it lasted for the next two years.

2019 – entirely new, tailor-made design since redesign in 2019

The website’s design is tailor-made to what you can see right now. Enjoy 😎

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  1. hello, I am trying to create a teacher profile on your site, but it comes up with an error msg when I do so. Have tried 2x, same issue each time. Please help if possible, thank you.

    1. Hi Sylvia!

      We are glad that you are interested in our platform. On your email was sent the confirmation that bug is already eliminated. Thank you for detecting it!
      Please go on our site and finish your registration. I will be happy to help you if some questions occur. Have. good day!

      Best regards,
      Dariana Lysenko

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